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A. Preliminary Remark

I. How to Learn about Grammar

Even in the digital age, it is in my opinion still best for most people, to get themselves a good, extensive book on German grammar. Tables and online grammars can additionally help, of course, but the basis is a book.

Best is to choose carefully - rather not the concise, small booklet, but a grammar book containing extensive and full information about the phenomena of German grammar.

I recommend to go into a good, large German bookstore and compare various grammars there, particularly some topics which are complicated or about which you already know a great deal. Choose that grammar which seems to be the best one.

This you can, then, use to add further information by hand which you may take from lessons or other grammar books or online grammars.

When trying to understand a topic, it is often helpful to have a look into various books in order to get different perspectives and make sure you have got the full picture.

It is always good to get an overview over the whole system, so I would not necessarily recommend to start with a "beginner's grammar", if it only describes a certain part of grammar, or up to a certain level.

II. Grammar Books

I have given some recommendations here in German. (When I wrote this, I did not have a particular recommendation for a grammar written in English).

III. Online Grammars

Please have a look at the respective section on my link page.

B. Details of German Grammar

I. Introduction

I have started writing a collection of information and links about selected details of German grammar. Currently, this is mostly for my own covenience, but students will certainly also find helpful information amongst these.

The collection is in no way complete or even representative. But if you like, have a look from time to time, or simply ask me directly, if you would like to have more information here on a certain topic.

The best online access point for German grammar seems to be the online grammar by Leo to me. Currently only in German, one may hope for an English version in time, I guess, so have a look once in a while. Or just use Google Translate or Deepl.com in order to access it, if you are in the beginning stages of German. In any case, please note that it is a grammar oriented towards the factual use more than the merely written rule, albeit, at least until december 2020, almost everything I encountered still seemed to be correct - but take it into consideration.

Even for topics mentioned below, having a look into Leo at first or at the same time may be helpful, even if not linked again from all topics below.

II. Details

1. FAQ for Beginners

I have created an FAQ for beginners in English. You can either find it in the Login-Section or talk to me, if you are a student of mine.

2. Grammaticle Gender, Articles, Cases and a Some Prepositions

  • See 1.
  • An introduction to these phenomena may be presented later in the Login-Section. If you cannot find it there and are a student of mine, please feel free to ask for it.

3. Further Details

As the information is mostly in German, please refer to the German version of this page and have a look there.