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A. Learning German
Here, we give you an overview over the various classes you can book. We can teach you on any level, from A1 to C 2. Feel free to talk to us in order to determine on which level you should best start.

For an explanation of the levels, including a self-assessment sheet, have a look here, if you like.

I. Types of Classes

We can offer the following options (prices include all taxes, traffic expenses would have to be reimbursed*):

Current News

Currently, all our classes are conducted online.

Regular Classes

a.  For Individuals

aa) Children (from the fifth grade) / Young People and Adults (private)

60 Euro; in Japan 5500 Yen per hour

bb) Business Classes

Individual classes for 60 Euro / hour.

b. For Groups

If you would like to book together with friends or family or four your employees, this is a good option for you.

aa) Private Groups

For groups (from 2 to 8 participants, beyond that please ask for a special agreement) 120 Euro / 12000 Yen for one and a half hours in Japan.

bb) Business Classes

For business classes: for groups from 2 to 8 participants 135 Euro per hour / in Japan, 12000 Yen per 80 minutes.

2. Intensive Classes

Please ask for an intensive class tailored to your needs.

3. Special Classes

Poetry, Opera, German Society and History: 120 Euro / 10000 Yen per hour. Ask for other subjects.

4. High School Classes

If you should happen to live in Tokyo or the North East of Kanagwa and are looking for a High School for your children that has got an International Center and offers not only English, but a variety of languages including German, you might want to have a look at Keimei Gakuen in Haijima (Akishima, Tokyo).

Once you have decided that your child should go there and should, indeed, learn German, it might be wise to include this as a part of the contract with Keimei Gakuen to be sure to receive this benefit. This is especially important if your child already would like to take German classes in Junior High or has no experience of living in Germany respectively no German family background.

II. On Location or online: Where and How Often?

1. At location

Classes can take place in a coffeeshop (if individual or a very small goup) or at your company and can, but do not have to take place on a regular basis. Flexibility is something we try to offer and hold in high regards, just let us know your wishes!

Note: In 2022, no classes be given at location. All classes will be conducted online.

2. Online

Please feel free to contact us for our online private or group-sessions (types, basic pricing and payment options are the same as above, including taxes, but no traffic related expenses). You can take them from anywhere in the world, be it from your home, your office or an island in the Southern Pacific : ) .  And you can get  a discount of 20 Euro on the total price if you book 10 lessons at once and ask for it!

III. Why choose us?

"Us" would be currently "I", see my profile here. I have taught German on four contiennts for over 20 years and have worked both with young and adult students from all venues of life.

It is important to me that you understand the language, that you understand how it works, that you come to know its beauty and learn to develop a good style, as well as good pronounciation. I will help you express what you really would like to express, showing you in which way and why it would be best, or show you the options.

I can assist you in excellent English and intermediate Japanese and intermediate Spanish (well enough to explain the grammar in those languages, if you wish).

Yes, others will be cheaper. But if it is quality you care for, please consider my offer. I will guide you, enabe you and teach you how to empower yourself linguistically. Feel free to contact me at any time.

B. Learning English

Well, since you are reading this, you actually might not need to learn any more English : )

Yet, if you are interested in English conversation classes, please let us know. A private class will cost you 35 Euro (3000 Yen), including all taxes, espeicially VAT, plus, if applicable, traffic expenses for our teachers. For company classes, the prices given under B. apply.

We offer classes both online and, if we should happen to be around, offline. In 2021, however, no classes will be given on location.

C. Other Languages

Please ask.

D. A Note of Clarification

If you should already participate in a class taught by one of our teachers for another company, institute or culture centre, and should you have happened to come across this website, we do not wish to make you leave your current class. Please continue to enjoy it.

If, however, you should find us offering something you cannot find there and that company, institute or culture centre would not be willing to offer, feel free to contact us, and we will see whether it would be possible to teach you in that subject, while you continue to participate in the original course.

(*) Payment Options

Currently, we accept bank transfers, cash, and transfers by Wise (you can use Wise in order to do cheap bank transfers from around the world, have a look!) and  Paypal. Please inquire for credit cards, we may be able to use them through Paypal (or not), but we would have to check.