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I. Cancel/Cancel or Terminate a Contract or Contracts

To cancel terminate a contract (with us - if we teach you on behalf of others, we are, of course, not responsible for cancellations or terminations; in such cases please contact those responsible, i.e. those with whom you have concluded your contract), you can contact us email simple and easy.

Alternatively, please click on the text within the following unsubscribe button (*)

(this may sound complicated now, but the law provides for the implementation of this process for contracts that qualify as continuing obligations; but it is only an additional option - as already mentioned, you can also simply e-mail us to cancel, furthermore. you can also cancel in any other admissable conventional way (e.g. by letter),

which will take you to another site of ours that allows you to provide information by which we can identify you and the contract or contracts you wish to cancel, enabling you to cancel immediately with immediate confirmation:


(*) The text itself is already to be viewed as an unsubscribe "button" [the German word in the law is "Schaltfläche"], but, vice versa, a text is necessary in order to comply with barrierelessness.

II. Administrate Contracts

If you have a contract with us and want to change it, you can send us an e-mail.

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