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1. General Terms

These Terms (please click !) apply, additional the following terms,

2. Privacy

The privacy declaration you can find here applies to this website too, analogously; it is to be regarded as incorporate.

3. Additional links to pages of online-booksellers

We have no further influence on these pages, and if you use them, we are not your contract partner - the online-booksellers are. We are not their representatives either. They do not run on our servers. Therefore, if you should happen to encounter legally problematic terms over there, please talk about that with the bookseller(s). We would be neither the right partner for that talk nor would it be effective talking with us instead of them. We are no Kaufmänner in the sense of the German § 1 I HGB. Even if we recommend books sold by one of the sellers, this does not change anything about what has been said in the previous sentences.

4. Most Recent  Update

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