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Preliminary Remark

(No problem, just for legal reasons:) All prices include taxes, esp. consumers taxes, and possible postage, as long as we do not have to send you (or send you back) an entire book. In that case, the price will be determined according to the individual case.

An alternative is just using mail. All corrections will be done according Traditional German Orthography.


• What we offer (Invitatio ad offerendum)

We offer correcting various texts, for example, but not exclusively

- Articles
- Books
- E-mails
- Business letters, faxes and mails (send them to us in one language - get them back in the other)
- Presentations etc.

- Coaching in how to write good texts

- Proofreading of translations into the German Language from English, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Estonian and Japanese
- If requested, we can translate the texts entirely into German or English, or even into other languages.

• Prices

For general proofreading for single documents / letters without particularly specialist language we take 25 Euro (alternatively, in Japan,: 3000 Yen) for one hour of work, including taxes (with the "one hour", you have to, but you also can believe and trust us that we work concentratedly).

If you simply wish for a translation, please directly contact those named here or ask.

If you are a student, prices will be the same (unless you are a student of law, in that case the prices for scientists apply, please see below). We can also coach you, i.e. give advice according to your situation and help you as far as we can and are legally allowed to. Our prices for Coaching (either in German, English or rudimentary Japanese) will be determined according to your individual wishes, case and needs, although the prices will generally be higher than if merely correcting your written work (possibly around 70 Euro / 1 Man Yen per hour).

For texts of people doing their doctorate and graduated scientists, the costs will depend on the subject of your work. In general, prices are the same as above: 30 Euro (3500 Yen) per hour. Yet, highly philosophically intellectual texts will rather be 40 Euro (4500 Yen) per hour. Juridical texts would cost you  90 Euro (15000 Yen) per hour (again, everything including texts), corrected by lawyers who hold a doctorate in law of established German universities.

If you wish proofreading of texts concerning Estonian or Polish law or AGB - Bedingungen, we would cooperate with a lawyer active in Middle and Eastern Europe holding a German doctorate in law. His fees will depend on the degree of complexity of your text, but it should generally be something between 40 and 90 Euro, including taxes.

Payment is possible either in cash, by bank transfer or Moneybookers, in Japan also by Kakitome.

• Confidentiality

Sometimes, one has to have proofread documents of a highly dangerous or explosive content, sometimes documents containing business secrets. In that case, please ask for those of our proofreaders who are experienced in handling secret materials, having held a special security clearance during their service in a special unit of the West German military.

"Schweigen ist Macht" [Remaining silent is power], as the Germans say.

As to the technical procedure in the case of highly confidential documents, please talk to us. We can discuss, whether a direct meeting, a messenger or an email with high-level encryption will be necessary or suffice. Just tell us, you need confidentiality, and we can, if adequate, let you know our keys.

Legal Terms and Responsibility

Please be aware, that, although we try to work for excellent results, at least as far as our proofreaders do not deal with juridical documents and are lawyers at the same time, we cannot take over any responsibility for the absolute correctness of our translations. This is especially to be understood in the case of translations in the fields of medicine, engineering (especially atom and quantum physics) etc. In how far a translator will take over that responsibility, please directly inquire with him.

For further terms, especially concerning this website, please see here.