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Please note: This linklist in English is currently not being updated. Please view the more extensive German version.

A. Interesting Dictionaries in German

At the moment, please have a look here.

B. Interesting Dictionaries for German

At the moment here, too. Else and especially:

Leo and Wadoku

The Deutsche Wörterbuch of the Grimm Brothers - probably the largest German dictionary.
The Goethe - Wörterbuch
Das Digitale Wörterbuch der Deutschen Sprache des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts

C. Especially for Linguists

Cosmas II (very useful) · Glottopedia (in der Entwicklung)

D. Online Classes

Contact us for a class by Skype. (Else e.g. http://www.dw-world.de/deutschkurse).

E. German Institutions in Japan where you might here German spoken

E.g. the Deutsche Schule in Yokohama, the Evangelische Kirche in Tokyo and the Katholische Kirche in Tokyo. Further information about institutions linked to cultural exchange you will find on the respective pages of the German embassy in Tokyo.

F. Support

  • If you wish to spend money for Geman, maybe you could have a look at the Schulverein zur Förderung der Rußlanddeutschen in Ostpreußen e.V. werfen, which does not seem to have a website, but seems to work effectively in supporting Germans from Russia who have moved to East Prussia and which has a school in Trakehnen. The office can be reached at Postfach 4028, 24039 Kiel, Tel. 49 (0) 4384-909. I suppose you can ask for a bank account and further information there. In general, if you support the activities of those Germans working in East Prussia to help build the culture thereagain, that should be greatly appreciated.

G. Looking for Books ?
  • Here you can order them.
Scientific and good books can also be attained from the Wissenschaftlichen Buchgesellschaft. If you would like to order anything from there, I would be glad if I could arrange that for you, but, of course, you can do that yourself, too.