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A. Learn German

I. Regular Classes

If you should happen to live or be in Tokyo or Kanagawa, we [i.e. currently A. M.] can offer the following options (prices include all taxes, traffic expenses would have to be reimbursed*):

1. Regular private lessons for private individuals (adults and children from the 5th grade) (6000 Yen per hour) and for groups (from 2 to 8 participants, beyond that please ask for a special agreement) 12000 Yen for one and a half hours. For business classes

2. Special Classes (Poetry, Opera, German Society and History) (12000 Yen per hour)

3. Intensive Classes (Please ask for an intensive class tailored to your needs)

If you should already participate in a class taught by one of hour teachers for another company, we do not wish to make you leave there. Please enjoy their classes (at least, too ; ) ).

Classes can take place in a coffeeshop or at your company and can, but do not have to take place on a regular basis. Flexibility is something, we estimate highly.

II. Online-Classes

Please feel free to contact us for our online private or group-sessions (pricing and payment options as above, including taxes, but no traffic related expenses). You can take them from anywhere in the world, be it your home, your office or an island in the Southern Pacific : ) .

III. High-School-Classes

If you are looking for a High School for your children that has got an International Center and offering not only English, but a variety of languages including German, you might want to have a look at Keimei Gakuen in Haijima (Akishima, Tokyo). Once you have decided that your child should go there and should, indeed, learn German, it might be wise to include this as a part of the contract with Keimei Gakuen to be sure to receive the benefits. This is especially important if your child already would like to take German classes in Junior High or has no experience of living in Germany respectively no German family background.

B. Learn English

Well, since you are reading this, you actually might not need to learn any more English : )

Yet, if you are interested in English conversation classes, please let us know. A private class will cost you 3000 Yen plus traffic expenses for our teachers. For company classes, the prices given under A. do apply.

(*) Payment Options

Currently, we accept bank transfers, cash, transfers by Moneybookers or payments by Kakitome.